Diese Verkaufsbedingungen, zusammen mit den Regeln für die Nutzung des Web, ist es, den Inhalt und die Beschaffung von Produkten und Dienstleistungen im Internet www.paulaalonso.co.uk daher der Käufer Beziehung und Verkauf über diese Website zwischen Smart-Comercuatro angeboten zu regeln, SA (ab sofort und auf PAULA ALONSO) mit Wohnsitz in der Calle Alcalá 183, Madrid und NIF ESA28671592 und dem Nutzer des Web keines der Produkte, die auf den Erwerb es wird Kunde zu werden.

The purchase of any product through the Web  www.paulaalonso.co.uk involves reading, knowledge and express and unreserved acceptance by the customer of each and every one of the foregoing Terms and Conditions of Sale which shall be automatically incorporated into the contract signed by the online acceptance of these conditions to click on the button provided for that purpose to make the purchase, which contains the words "I have read and accept the Terms of Sale".These Terms and Conditions constitute a legally binding agreement between PAULA ALONSO and the client, lack of acceptance of these Terms and Conditions will interfere with the purchase. Any user can view and print these Terms and Conditions for a better study of them.

Any changes that might take place on these Terms and Conditions will be posted on the Web, so customers are advised to read them every time they want to hire any of the services or products are offered and each contract is governed by the conditions prevailing at the time of subscription, no modification that has occured on these has retroactive effect.

To engage the services and products offered by PAULA ALONSO through this website, the client is declared natural person of adult and residing in United Kingdom, providing PAULA ALONSO all required personal data as necessary to regulate the relationship trade between them and the customer solely responsible for its accuracy.

In accordance with the Law 7/1996, of 15 January, the Retail Management, as amended by Law 47/2002 and Law 34/2002 of July 11, Services Information Society and Electronic Commerce, prior to their purchase of any product by the customer, it is entitled to know their essential characteristics, so PAULA ALONSO shall provide to the customer sufficient photographs of all items sold through this website as well as faithful descriptions of them, however, the client is informed that these photographs and descriptions of the products on sale are illustrative, ensured that the colors and designs of the products in the photos shown on the website are true to the originals, making use all means at their disposal, which can be avoided without variations in the colors and tones presented in terms of reflexes, image quality, etc..


All orders placed through the website depends on the stock and availability. If the order was made up of several products and any / all of them could not be served, that fact shall be communicated to the client using the contact details he has provided and the amount will be refunded by the same system used for payment, in case that has not been paid, no fee will be charge for the item or items that are not available. The lack of stock of a product or of those who constitute the sale, the latter case would void it, it constitutes a default clause, generates no right in any compensation to either part.

PAULA ALONSO reserves the right to unilaterally modify at any time the quantity and type of ítems or products offered on the Web www.paulaalonso.co.uk, to suppress the sale, to incorporate new ones and generally to take any decision regarding their availability and to change its price.


PAULA ALONSO is not responsible for errors or technical malfunction connection that the customer may have during the purchase you make on this site. To proceed with the purchase of products the client has agreed to the online store that offers this Web through the same display the products and their features, and should add or want to purchase the "shopping cart" by clicking identified on the icon for that purpose.
When choosing the product the customer must note the size and color, if any, and the number of units to be purchased. Selecting and including an article in the cart, the customer will have the option to complete the purchase or continue selecting items. 
At any moment the client can access to the shopping cart and find a summary of the products that are added to it with its basic features, the total amount, taxes and shipping, may at any time be modify the cart contents finally deleting items not want to purchase.

Once the customer has selected and included in the final basket items you wish to purchase, if the first purchase made through Web www.paulaalonso.co.uk , PAULA ALONSO, requested to register by following the instructions provided by completing the electronic form required for customer identification and creating your personal password, if the client has already registered on previous purchases through the Web, will be only identified with the name and password you have designated.

The customer name, and password designed, are personal and not transferable. The data provided by the client will be added to the database of PAULA ALONSO, used to process your purchases and to send information about offers and services by email and / or postal mail that may be of interest.

Once the customer is registered, will submit a final report identifying the selected products and their prices, taxes and shipping. All prices are quoted in pounds, including VAT and any other applicable taxes. The maximum amount will be thousand euros (1,000 pounds).PAULA ALONSO, agrees that all information provided to the customer on every product in your shopping summary is accurate and truthful, but can not guarantee the absence of any errors, in which case, upon detection, it would be told to the customer immediately by emailing to the address he had said, requesting confirmation of the order with your updated information. In case the client does not confirm the purchase of products or where the error is, buying this / these products will becanceled

Revised summary of purchase by the customer, it must choose a payment method from which to offer:

  • Cash on Delivery: the customer pays the amount of the order upon receipt at the designated address. Payment method only available to mainland Spain and the Balearic Islands.

  • Credit or Debit: the customer pays the amount by entering the card details safely through the payment gateway of the bank through the payment platform of Cyberpac Secure Shopping.This payment system meets the standards for secure electronic commerce adopted by international card brands Visa and MasterCard to ensure ownership of the buyer. For the customer to buy with the debit or credit card will be imperative that the bank card issuer accepts the payment through Secure Shopping. If the customer has problems with the purchase please contact your bank. PAULA ALONSO does not have access to confidential customer information on payment methods, so for each new purchase you make will be requested bank details.

  • Transfer or deposit account: the customer has 48 hours to transfer or enter the total order amount in the current account of PAULA ALONSO established for this purpose and should note the order number as a concept to avoid confusion between different purchases. After 48 hours without the customer has made the transfer or deposit the order shall be deemed canceled. The cost of the transfer will be borne by the customer.

Once the payment is selected by the customer, the general conditions of the operation will be accepted by ticking the box provided for this purpose, which will complet the purchasing process. The purchase agreement entered by and between PAULA ALONSO and the client are not considered as actually held up to the time the order has been paid by the customer. Checked the customer's credit, in the range of 24 hours PAULA ALONSO will send an email to the address that he had appointed, confirming the order with the details and shipping information. PAULA ALONSO, would only be required to provide to the customer the products listed in the confirmation order and according to their data, so the customer should immediately check the contents of the order confirmation and, in case any error is find in the same, shall immediately inform PAULA ALONSO via e-mail  pa@paulaalonso.es  the purpose of making the appropriate correction. Lack of shipment by the email client to the address will accept products and data contained in the order confirmation sent by PAULA ALONSO .

Once is completed the purchasing process and confirmed the payment of the client, it may request the issuance of invoice for your purchase by ticking the box provided for that purpose and fulfillment data or sending an e-mail to pa@paulaalonso.es which must contain details of the order and billing.



All shipments will be made via courier company, in working hours and the address given by the customer in the order form. PAULA ALONSO does not deliver to PO boxes. PAULA ALONSO will not be liable for errors in the delivery of the order when they have their cause errors, inaccuracies or lack of data at the address indicated by the customer.

The usual delivery time is between 48 and 72 hours from the day after the order confirmation, except holidays. PAULA ALONSO is not responsible for delays in delivery of receiving the shipment, for logistical reasons or force majeure. For delivery of the shipment should be in the address given by the customer in the order it either same or person authorized by him. In case you are not any of those people in the address or delivery can not be made for other reasons, the courier company responsible for the shipment and delivery will be in touch with the customer as the data it has provided PAULA ALONSO to set an alternative date for delivery.
In case the courier can not reach the client and proceed to order delivery within 10 days from when the order delivery will be returned to the stores of PAULA ALONSO and client must take the shipping and return order to the stores, as well as any costs associated management. The order amount will be refunded by the same payment system used for expenses other than listed above.


All items sold by PAULA ALONSO are guaranteed under the terms of Royal Decree 1/2007 of 16 November, approving the revised text of the General Law for the Defence of Consumers and Users.
The delivery note stamped by PAULA ALONSO that accompanies all shipments made valid a product warranty.

The delivery note stamped by PAULA ALONSO that accompanies all shipments made valid a product warranty. Items sold by PAULA ALONSO through this website are high quality, however, if for any reason the customer receiving the order is not satisfied with them, has a period of 30 natural days from the receipt of to exercise the right of withdrawal as provided in Law 7/1996 of the Retail Trade. To do this, the client must report to PAULA ALONSO his decision to withdraw the contract, completing the withdrawal form and return it to that effect facilitates PAULA ALONSO through the following link  www.paulaalonso.es/formulariodesistimiento

In case of items subject to sizing, having missed the customer in choosing the size of the item ordered, the customer is entitled to apply for change, substitution, for the same item in the right size for what you have within 30 natural days from receipt of order.

In the event of cancellation of the contract by the customer and changes through no fault of PAULA ALONSO, the costs of collection and new shipment, if any, will be borne by the customer, unless the preferred effect the return and collection, in its If, in the shop of PAULA ALONSO, on 183 Alcala Street Madrid.

To exercise the right of withdrawal or return the item, it will be in the same condition as it was sent, in original packaging and labels and accessories included where appropriate, be accompanied having the same original delivery note stamped by PAULA ALONSO, along with printing the withdrawal form and return duly completed. Upon receipt of the returned items, and after verification of their status, PAULA ALONSO proceed to refund the amount, according to the method of payment that was paid. The shipping and return will be charged to the user. PAULA ALONSO wont accept the return of any item that has been used or is damaged or conditions other than those it was sent. If the customer chooses to request a change of the same item in a different size, attention to such a request shall be subject to the availability of the item, in case it can not be attend due to lack of stock, will be refunded the amount paid for the item as expected for the case of returns.

In case the return reason were sending a wrong article, PAULA ALONSO, will pay the return shipping and always notify the customer within a maximum of 30 natural days from receipt of the shipment, giving the replacement by the originally ordered or the amount paid in the event that the above is not possible due to lack of stock. Refunds will be made by the same payment system used by the customer.

Items supplied are guaranteed against any manufacturing defects for two years, in case of manufacturing defects seen in the item the customer must notify PAULA ALONSO within two months from its finding.
After examining the products by the quality department of PAULA ALONSO, If proven the existence of a manufacturing defect in the product by PAULA ALONSO will confirm via email that fact and, if the nature of the product allows , will offer the replacement by an identical or the amount paid in the event that the above is not possible due to lack of stock. Refunds will be made by the same payment system used by the customer.
Given the nature of the items sold by PAULA ALONSO, subject to seasons, the customer will be contacted as soon as possible of any incident that appreciates in Article without exhausting the period of two months, since a delay in communication of manufacturing defects in the article could preclude their factory replacement or correction.

To exercise your right of withdrawal and refund the customer must send an email communicating its unequivocal will cancel the purchase and return the item or items to the address pa@paulaalonso.es or carry the item or items to the shop PAULA ALONSO on 183 Alcala Street Madrid. In both cases must accompany the duly completed withdrawal form and return it to that effect facilitates PAULA ALONSO(link) The written notice shall contain the order number referred to items that are to be returned and accurately identify items that are subject to this return. No refunds that have not been previously communicated by the means indicated.


The customer can check at any time the status of the current order or orders made before by accessing "My Account" button at the top of the Web. For this, the customer must enter personal information, username and password, after which the information will show recent orders placed through the Web and pending status.


All information provided will be used by the customer for the correct processing of the orders and to keep the customer informed about new offers and web services by email or post. The customer declares to be informed of the conditions and detailed data transfers in the clause Privacy and Data Protection published on this website. The personal data received will be treated in accordance with Law 15/1999 of December 13, Protection of Personal Data and Royal Decree 1270/2007 of 21 December, approving the Regulations implementing Organic Law 15/1999, and other applicable regulations in force in Spain. PAULA ALONSO has adopted the levels of security required by the rules and agree to maintain the secrecy of all data except those necessary for the performance yield of the service, as is detailed in the Privacy Policy and Protection Data published on this website. The customer may at any time exercise their rights of access, rectification and deletion of data provided to PAULA ALONSO as indicated in clause Privacy and Data Protection published in this website, which we refer for further information customer.

These Conditions of Sale are subject to compliance and interpretation applicable English legislation. For any dispute that may arise in the field of compliance or interpretation, the client and PAULA ALONSO, irrespective of any other jurisdictions that they may be entitled, submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of Spain.

The client states that the information about the technical specifications of the items sold through this website and its Terms and Conditions of Sale, are quite sufficient for exclusion and error in forming their consent.

The customer expressly declares under its responsibility and all relevant purposes, have read these Terms and Conditions and the General Conditions of the Site and its Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data, understand and accept. An express acceptance by the customer of these Terms shall be executed by selecting the acceptance box for that purpose is at the bottom of the screen the electronic form has to fill the customer to place the order.

These Terms and Conditions are contractual between the parties, superseding any prior agreement or contract between the client and PAULA ALONSO

The declaration of any of these Terms and Conditions as null and void shall not affect the validity or enforceability of the remaining Conditions, which will remain binding on the parties.

PAULA ALONSO reserves the right to modify these Terms and Conditions unilaterally at any time. The modifications can be carried out on these Terms and Conditions will be posted on this website so that the customer becomes aware and your agreement to pay the same, so we ask the client to read these Terms and Conditions at each of the cases that proceed to make an order through the online store on this website, as the perfection of an order after having been amended General Conditions constitutes acceptance of the same by the customer.

For the purposes of communications between the parts, PAULA ALONSO expressly designates the address stated in the General Conditions and as for the client, the client expressly designates the address you have identified in the electronic form that must be filled for DASE register as such and appears in your account, accepting that any communication addressed to PAULA ALONSO could be conducted through the email address you have designated.

PAULA ALONSO may temporarily suspend the provision of their services for reasons that prevent the normal delivery thereof, such temporary interruption shall not entitle the client to receive compensation, except where necessary, to a refund of the fare you have paid and could not pay because of an interruption.